Integrate the editorial content of L’Echo | De Tijd

Enhance your thought leader position by integrating the journalism of L’Echo | De Tijd and other Mediafin publications (L’Investisseur | De Belegger) into your platforms and business applications. Leverage the quality and reliability of Belgium’s only business newspapers to reach out to prospects and loyal clients.

Integrate Mediafin content

An API allows you to easily integrate editorial content from all Mediafin publications (L’Echo | De Tijd, L’Investisseur | De Belegger, Mon Argent | Netto, …) into your applications – reporting systems, CRM, intranets, newsletters, etc. –, giving your employees and clients access to the latest news and enabling them to stay up-to-date with what’s going on in their field of work.

Create Content

Boost your position as a thought leader by adding branded content on trends, topics and hot items relevant to your sector. Packaged by Content Republic, our branded content solution, this content gets featured in both the L’Echo | De Tijd ecosystem and on your platforms.


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